Maxie’s Supper Club

5 thoughts on “Maxie’s Supper Club”

  1. Mouthwatering! I really don’t think I should be reading your blog at 12:24 in the morning! Gaaahhh… The food here reminds me of Fish and Co. btw…

    1. I have that problem when I’m looking at food pictures too. I’ll get on the computer around 11pm and want a cookie. I should find a better evening activity 😉

      I haven’t heard of Fish and Co. but it sounds tasty. Where is it located?

      1. Yummmm! It looks really tasty, thanks for the link. I really enjoy seafood and don’t get to have it super fresh very often since I don’t live near coastal regions. If I do ever make it back to Asia, I’d love to check that place out 🙂

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